Genital Problems in Infants

بیماری های مرتبط:

آیا هر یک از پرسش های زیر در مورد شما یا بیمارتان صدق می کند؟ در اینصورت بر روی عضو مربوط به این علامت کلیک نمایید.

  • 1. Does your son seem to have one or both testicles missing?
  • 2. Does the urine seem to come from the shaft of your son's penis instead of the tip and does your son's penis curve downward?
  • 3. Is there still is a lot of skin surrounding the tip of your son's penis even though your son has been circumcised?
  • 4. Does it seem like your son's foreskin is too tight to pull back?
  • 5. Is it difficult to tell the sex of your infant at birth or shortly after?