Feeding Problems in Infants and Children

بیماری های مرتبط:

آیا هر یک از پرسش های زیر در مورد شما یا بیمارتان صدق می کند؟ در اینصورت بر روی عضو مربوط به این علامت کلیک نمایید.

  • 1. Does your baby always seem hungry?
  • 2. Is your baby breast-fed?
  • 3. Is your baby bottle-fed, or does the baby have a sore mouth?
  • 4. Does your baby fall asleep soon after starting to feed from the breast or bottle?
  • 5. Does your child cry after feeding?
  • 6. Is your baby throwing up large amounts of milk with forceful vomiting?
  • *7. Does your child seem to have a lot of gas and stomach discomfort?
  • 8. Does your baby cry intensely after meals, sometimes for hours at a time?
  • **9. Does your child seem to have little interest in food or have a slow weight gain?
  • 10. Does your child have diarrhea after the feedings?