Ear Problems

بیماری های مرتبط:

آیا هر یک از پرسش های زیر در مورد شما یا بیمارتان صدق می کند؟ در اینصورت بر روی عضو مربوط به این علامت کلیک نمایید.

  • 1. Do you have a fever?
  • 2. Are you experiencing pain deep in the ear and/or fluid draining from the ear?
  • 3. Do you have redness and swelling of the outer ear and the surrounding skin?
  • 4. Do you have a headache-type pain and redness behind your ear or tenderness when you touch the bone behind your ear?
  • *5. Do you have thick pus-filled or bloody drainage from the ear canal that started after a sharp, sudden pain?
  • 6. Is your ear swollen, and does it itch or hurt when you pull on your ear or earlobe?
  • 7. Does your jaw joint "crack" when you chew or open your mouth, or do you feel tenderness in your jaw?
  • 8. Do you hear fluid in your ear, and feel pressure or stuffiness that can't be cleared with coughing, yawning or swallowing, and do you have cold or flu symptoms?
  • 9. Do you have tooth pain on the same side as the ear pain when you bite down?
  • 10. Did your ear pain start during an airplane flight or right after you traveled on an airplane?
  • 11. Can you see or feel a "pimple" in the ear canal?
  • 12. Is the affected person a child who doesn't have ear pain or redness but is having problems hearing?