Ankle Problems

بیماری های مرتبط:

آیا هر یک از پرسش های زیر در مورد شما یا بیمارتان صدق می کند؟ در اینصورت بر روی عضو مربوط به این علامت کلیک نمایید.

  • 1. Did you begin to have pain or swelling after a fall or a twisting injury or after the ankle was hit?
  • 2. Is there significant swelling and is the pain so intense you're unable to walk on the ankle?
  • 3. Is there swelling and a bruise, but you're still able to walk on the ankle?
  • *4. Do you have swelling, stiffness (especially in the morning) or pain that comes and goes in both ankles ?
  • 5. Do you have a fever, or is more than one joint swollen and red?
  • 6. Did the pain come on suddenly, or does clothing or bedding that rubs against the joint cause pain?
  • 7. Do you usually feel pain before or during a change in the weather, or are you experiencing swelling, stiffness and pain that gets worse during or after use of your ankle?